photo-copy assignment

ISE see and feel difference

how much do you know about adventureclubinteractive?

this week’s assignment is about all of you:  adventure seekers. friends and faithful followers. fans and skeptics. artists, creatives, artist wannabes, wannabe creatives and creative artists. this week’s assignment is about you getting to know us. whether you give us the casual, curious click around every once in awhile or are an an occasional visitor or frequent flyer with our website… this week’s assignment will familiarize you with us and us with you. and what’s more, we think that you’ll like us so much, be inspired by adventureclub so much, you’ll find so much of our work that you appreciate so much… that you will want to do exactly as we do.
you might even… try to… copy us…

photo-copy assignment.

(suggested research for the assignment)


  • choose three photos that you like, love, or are inspired by. choose photos that you would like to capture through your own lens. it’s up to you how you will take on the adventure of photographing our photos. in your own way, our three photos will become your three subjects for the remastering…


  • when you think about it, in many ways, copying is the easiest thing in the world when it comes to producing. how can you make this assignment challenging and adventurous? or will you opt to make it more accessible, if not simple or basic? again, it’s up to you. our suggestion is to approach the process of photo-copying, on a spectrum.
    for example, photo one, choosen from our website:  you might photograph it’s perfect mirror image, down to the color of the wall or the shade of a blade of grass- making an exact replica of everything in the photo- position and composition, pixel for pixel.
    for the second photo, maybe you let out a little slack on the precision settings in your perfectionist mind. though you still search for the opportunity to mimic our (second) photo closely, this photo-copy might include an embellished twist or a subtle flaw. maybe the blue isn’t a wall and the shade of green isn’t a blade of grass…
    the third photo would be even looser an interpretation off the (third) original. far away at the other end of the scale of copy. the third photo you choose is for a chance to be outrageous and rebellious. take this third photo because you’re inspired by our photo, but let creativity take the reigns and surprise yourself at how how uncommon a copy, a photo and a photo-copy can truly be.

submit your three photos and three links (or titles) of adventureclubinteractive photos that you chose to photo-copy, by the end of the assignment week. we look forward to sharing your masterpieces of our blog for public view.
please submit via email:

youll see and feel invert

%22you'll see and feel the difference%22 copy


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