in pursuit of the white rabbit

i took a few days to find my first sign, or it took a few days for my first sign to find me.  on thursday, i visited a cafe that i’m not able to frequent on a regular basis.  it was an unplanned visit, i happened to be driving by and took an unanticipated turn into the parking lot.  after ordering a red tea latte, i scanned the room for a table to sit and wait and found an empty table containing the following…lion sign 1

a sun and a lion.  when i saw the two objects i smiled.  this was clearly my sign!  literally my sign! leo the lion ruled by the sun.  here we are in august, my favorite month of the year, an important birthday quickly approaching and i stumble upon a sun and a lion.

lion sign 2

on saturday i had another lion encounter, two in fact.  the first lion was my treasure at the end of a retail hunt.  a lion bracelet!  there was only one like it that i could see and it was on a super clearance for $2!  if that isn’t a good sign then i don’t know what is!

lion sign 3

lion reinforcement continued moments after my bracelet find at a natural foods store.  at precisely 3:21 in the afternoon the song playing over the loud speaker:  “King and Lionheart” by Of Monsters and Men.

and finally today, written on the envelope of my birthday card:

lion sign 4

persistant sign:  lion.

conclusion: i’m interpreting these lions as signs for a wonderful birthday celebration and the realization of personal strength and courage!


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