follow the white rabbit assignment.

white rabbit

this weeks assignment draws inspiration from the matrix.  if you haven’t watched the movie, we highly encourage you to do so, but here is a brief synopsis of the movie reference…  the main character, neo, receives a bizarre message on his computer telling him to “follow the white rabbit”.  at the moment the message seems meaningless but moments later he hears a knock at his door and opens it to find a woman with a white rabbit tattooed on her shoulder.  he follows her, as per the message, and the story continues from there…  would he have followed this young woman had he not received the instructions prior to the knock at the door? maybe yes maybe no, but there is little doubt that neo had a heightened sensitivity towards the concept of a white rabbit after receiving the message, otherwise he may not have noticed her tattoo at all…


  • this week’s assignment is an exercise in observation, adventure and coincidence. keep your eyes and ears open.  inevitably something will capture your attention and compel you to begin.  perhaps your adventure also begins with a white rabbit.  perhaps it begins with a stranger wearing lime green sneakers, a chocolate ice cream cone, or a lady you meet on the bus named June.   you’ll know when to start.
  • allow yourself to be directed by the universe or by sheer coincidence.  where do you find the next sign?  do you follow the stranger with the lime green sneakers into the library?  what do you find there?  is your chocolate ice cream cone ripped out of your hands by a passing sea gull?  does June give you the business card of her friend who reupholsters used furniture?
  • what happens next?  allow yourself to be led.  follow the clues that emerge along your journey.  keep going.
  • document what you find.  take photographs, sketch, write, discover!
  • your journey may last one day or a few.  there is no specific time frame to follow.
  • share your discoveries with us at

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