photo in the blank assignment

 no  __________________ 

photo in the blank assignment

fill in the blanks of the sentences provided below with your photos! this week’s adventure is a spin off some old favorites (interpreting sentencesiMADge LIBS, sentence exchange)
perhaps you can’t help but get hung up on a word that comes to mind to fill in our blanks and you go out in search of the specific scene to photograph it.
(i.e.: you have gotten no sleep) or maybe you let your surroundings inspire you, making for unexpected photo opportunities to fill in the blanks (i.e.: you see graffiti art suggesting no future)
the collaboration of your work with others should make for an interesting, comparative collection at the end of the assignment week! copy down our 10 incomplete sentences, grab your camera and seek to fill in the blanks with your unique photography.
please submit (as many as you find) completed assignments via email: and we’ll look forward to sharing them as a collection of submissions from other adventure seekers on our blog for public view!

photos in the blank sentences

1.  one for the  __________________

2.  slam  __________________

3.  __________________ is everything

4.  good  __________________ bad  __________________

5.  i can’t believe you’re the type of person who would  __________________

6.  blood, sweat,  __________________ and tears

7.  you must always remember to  __________________

8.   __________________ incorporated

9.  if you see  __________________ on the road, don’t even think about  __________________

10.   __________________ but gaudy


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