week the first revisited.

july first marked the birthday of adventureclub!  not adventureclubinteractive (that birthday comes again in a few months), but adventureclub.  before it was “interactive” in the digital, online sense, adventureclub was purely interactive in the person to person organic sense.  we discussed ideas over a table and cup of coffee instead of the telephone and exchanged touchable, tangible photographs instead of jpegs.  we passed paper instead of emailing documents and we chased those papers down the street when a surly gust of wind blew them out of our hands.  adventureclubinteractive began as adventureclub, over a kitchen table, with the birth of our original assignment…

this week, we revisit our original assignment!  (yes! the very first one!)

common theme



create a series of 7-10 photographs that share one common element or theme.

examples from the very first assignment.


please share your adventures with us at adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com


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