self-as-a-scavenger hunt assignment

life is a hunt

self-as-a-scavenger hunt assignment.

happy july, adventure seekers! it’s our birthday month so we’re kicking it off with one of our favorite assignments. this week, we invite you to participate in a classic adventureclubinteractive assignment- the photo scavenger hunt.
the familiar guidelines still apply- keep handy your camera and the list of words provided. hit the trails, hit the pavement, get out of town or hunt around your house. wherever you are, this week, seek out all the things on the list and photograph them- literally or figuratively, creatively and always- adventurously. hunt until you’ve scavenged them all… wait! there’s more…

what’s more to this scavenger hunt is that YOU must be pictured in all the pictures. whether you are the subject of every single photo (a gallery of ‘selfies’ [touché]) or are barely a discernible figure in the background- the common theme for the self-as-a-scavenger edition of the photo scavenger hunt- is you. also, upping the challenge, we have composed a longer list this time.  put your head down and hunt, at the end of the week submit your collection of twenty via email: and we’ll look forward to sharing them on our blog for public view.

what to hunt.

  • clock tower
  • bamboo
  • polka dots
  • mohawk
  • recycle
  • fête
  • tea time
  • slinky
  • ombre
  • cinematheques 
  • hopscotch
  • cul-de-sac
  • fish
  • perspiration
  • celebration
  • harness
  • wheel
  • pirouette 
  • cat’s collar
  • cartoon

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