the blind date assignment

the blind date assignment
(artist date adventures part I)

artist date ass.1

the blind date assignment

this week you are going on a blind date. if are you already married-well, lucky you, because on this date your spouse is not invited. no matter that you’re seriously attached or seeing someone special. and whether you’re single and hopeful or sadly flying solo, this adventure awaits you and you and you too! what’s more, this brand of blind date has serious long term potential (statistics be damned!)

pick a day. choose a time. mark your calendar and look forward to it. show up.
when? look forward to what exactly? where do i show up?
ok, calm down (you can take the blindfold off too…) whenever you have an hour or two, this week, plan to spend your date doing whatever you would look forward to doing! you are planning this date. your artist will meet you there.
that’s right. you are going on a date with your own personal artist. and yes, your artist is invisible (and yes, you may be at a table for two but appear to be alone in public.) everyone has an artist within them. consider it a muse or a trapped, creative inner child. maybe it’s the voice inside or chattering of the mind. call it your left brain, call it your soul or your free spirit. call it fred. however you imagine this artist, you’re about to confront it. you’re about to meet it (you have to take the blindfold off now…)

artists only

what is an artist date? it’s an activity with a destination, a commitment that you make and uphold. it’s something you preplan and defend against other distractions (nobody else is allowed to come along!) why date an artist? because even an artist needs to be taken out of the house, outside or out on the town. and your artist wants to be with you- by your side, listened to, paid attention to. your artist must be taken care of, sheltered and exposed, nourished and spoiled, in order to survive.

this is just the first date! don’t spend a lot of money, don’t buy a new outfit. don’t go out of your way for this is the first artist date (there will be other artist date adventures as future adventureclubinteractive assignments, stay tuned!) for now, this week, simply get to know your inner artist. if you have met before, or already meet quite often, get reacquainted somewhere other than your office or studio (a coffee shop? museum? a photo shoot at the park?) go slow on the first date. be a little shy. be a good listener. honor your mutual needs (maybe your artist doesn’t want to be dragged to another coffee shop for the eight day of the week…) quite likely you both crave novelty, a break in routine, a breaking of rules (a new coffee shop out of town?!) most importantly- set aside the time and spend it alone together.

we will accept photographic or written submissions inspired by your blind date assignments in any format of form or prose. please submit your completed assignments via email: and we look forward to posting them on our blog for public view!

artist date ass.2


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