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during the month of June, our book club focuses on specific books by two significant authors- Maya Angelou and Tom Robbins.

what do Maya Angelou and Tom Robbins have in common?  (we all have more in common with each other than we think!)  both have enormous libraries of work. both ooze poetic styles and an assertive mastery of language… well, we can’t quite explain it (maybe you can) but ultimately, both authors, internationally acclaimed- have made significant impressions and had impact on countless lives.

sadly, Maya Angelou passed away on May 28th, 2014.  in featuring her as one of our june book club artists we wish to pay our respects to a true pioneer of peace and beauty.


still writing, one of our favorite authors of all time, Tom Robbins has just released a new memoir, Tibetan Peach Pie.

tibetan peach pie

read to celebrate the lives of all artists- those that have passed and those that continue to feed us with their fiction. choose a poem, a novel or an account from both Angelou and Robbins and aspire to read them both. yes, both!  you can do it!

already read stuff by Tom Robbins and Maya Angelou?  doubt you’ve read them all (especially since Tibetan Peach Pie was released only last week) so choose something you haven’t read! as always, adventureclubinteractive  encourages you to explore beyond the book club shelf and browse other recommendations that are constantly being updated on the adventureclubinteractive goodreads page.


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