the X text assignment

x text assignment

Remember when text was the root of texture?
A noun, indicating quality, something physical, usually related to print and books?
Now text is the root of text message.
Often a verb, indicating the act of communication.
An adverb too, for example, it is how the driver got distracted (and became an outlaw.)
Still a noun, the text message, as a method, originating with phones that got smart, seem to be enough to speak for us.
The text is carried out with the head down, in silent concentration. When texting, personal appearances can be relaxed, unnoticed, safe behind the screen. Body language has long ago been reduced to riddles of :), 😮 and :(. Therefore, volume, inflection, articulation are neatly substituted with BIG LETTERS and lol’s. Human textures can be abbreviated. The success of the text message method demonstrates how abbreviations are acceptable  But are they accurate?

the assignment:

For one week, X the text messages.
At the end of the week, submit a creative exposé about living without text messaging.

adventures to consider:

Instead of texting (a reply), try calling (back).
Instead of texting, try typing (an email). Instead of typing, try writing (a letter).

Why is it so hard to x the text?
Is there something you are unconsciously avoiding by making a phone call?

If you just need to break the rules, you just have to text , just once
Will you? Really, must you? And did you?
If you did cheat, can you look back and consider other options?

How do people react to you on this adventure?
How fast do your contacts notice (without being informed) that you aren’t texting?
How willing or unwilling are others to take on the adventure for themselves?


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