find a face assignment.

face lamp

you’ve seen them peaking through windows and hiding in various reflections.  you’ve seen them in the swirl of melted ice cream on the sidewalk or in the pattern of wood grain.  cars, water spots, mailboxes, light fixtures…they all contain faces.  as soon as you start to pay attention you’ll realize that faces are everywhere in the objects around you, and they all seem to have their own distinct personality.  perhaps you had a jolly british light fixture great you with a silent “cheerio” as you brushed your teeth this morning.


this week your task is to open your eyes and acknowledge those faithful inanimate objects that look back at you every day.  document the faces you find with photos and/or drawings or a combination of the two.  try to find at least one new face everyday and introduce yourself.  at the end of the week you should have quite a collection of new friends to display in a gallery.

extra credit:  

write a small inner monologue in the voice of one or many of the faces you capture.






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