a sorry assignment.

sorry.  how many times do you say “sorry!” each and every day?  if you’re like most people, you probably say it a lot and a lot more than is necessary. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/124552745917913291/ “sorry” is overused and undervalued.  a quick “sorry!” after accidentally bumping into someone is fine in theory…of course you didn’t mean to bump into him or her, and if you’ve caused this person pain you should express some kind of regret for your error and try to make amends, but chirping “sorry!”  again and again and again isn’t very productive.  “sorries” bleed into inappropriate situations.  soon you are sorry for being 5 minutes late, you are sorry you accidentally forgot to pick up the mail, you are sorry you aren’t properly dressed, sorry you didn’t do this or that…

these insignificant apologies add up and have a two fold counterproductive effect (if not more).

1.  “sorry” loses its meaning and value.

2.  the “sorry-er” him/herself begins to lose personal value because constant apologizing for yourself reduces self confidence and self worth.

this week we will explore “sorry.”  what does it really mean?  where did this word come from and why is the sorry epidemic on the rise?

today’s daily task is “sorry” self awareness. vote-tally for the remainder of today (and tomorrow if you feel inspired to keep this tally rolling) keep track of how many times you say you’re “sorry”.

you may be very surprised!



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