9:59 monday p.m.

same time III- monday pm

view details about the same time different day assignment- part III

i get the call of duty late at night lately. monday night, at 9:59 you might have found me. i was fighting online. i was spraying bullets from a customized Skorpion sub-machine gun, attached with quick draw reflex, EO tech sight. I was throwing frags, fragging out and strategically planting Bouncing Bettys in “cool doorways and corners” (as my companion once instructed me to do so , verbatim) if you don’t know much about the COD is GOD fever, if you’ve never been to Yemen or Hijacked on International waters, if you’ve never hid amongst the tapestry of a Myanmar jungle or crouched in the belly of a broken plane on a Carrier ship… you could ask me about it.


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