same time different day assignment- part III


whatever wall clock

assignment: what are doing at 9:59?

the same time different day is an adventureclubinteractive favorite. watch the clock this week because you have two chances- a.m. or p.m. to catch 9:59. pause what you are doing and snap a picture- of what you’re doing, of yourself, of what’s around you, where you are and so on… two photo submissions for both 9:59 moments of each day are encouraged.

this assignment is not about stunning photography. it is about observing yourself over the course of a week at the same time. are you a creature of habit? predictable like clockwork? or do your activities at 9:59 have no common thread whatsoever? is it hard to see that the same person was doing all those different things at the same time everyday?

please submit your completed assignments throughout the week via email:

(do you need more inspiration?
enter “same time different day” in the Search bar to the right of this screen and view past submissions.)


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