pictures in pictures (and a poem)

submission for the adventureclubinteractive picture in a picture assignment

pic in pic cow and pig

i thought- sometimes the big picture is… bigger when you break it down into… smaller parts.
“are you in the mood for something vegetarian tonight, honey?” 


pic in pic flowers

layers of photos of my Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow plant (brunfelsia pauciflora)
the flowers open dark purple. the next day they are violet. the last day of their life is white.


picture in a picture poem

my interpretation of page 48 from The Writer’s Adventure


Yesterday has a chip on zid shoulder,
Today is trying hard to stay awake,
Tomorrow is wondering what zeem think about zet,
Zē asks zert this day after day.

Yesterday does not care much about zert,
Today is wrapped up in zetself,
Tomorrow is desperate for zeird attention of course,
But zē rings a silent bell.

Yesterday is indifferent,
Today’s hardly amused,
Tomorrow is anxious,
Zē depends on zert and what zeem choose.

Yesterday commands Today,
And Today surrenders to Tomorrow,
Today looks on passively, and thinks-
Zeird weird act is too hard to follow.



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