let’s be characters #1 & #2

prompt #1:  Suzanne, a middle aged woman from Alabama, finds herself stuck in line at her local grocery store...

lemon coconut bars 1 v2 - blog

“I can’t believe that I’ve run out of lemons again!”  Suzanne says to herself as she waits in the checkout line with a cart filled exclusively with lemons.  A gentle smirk rolls across her face.  “Ok, I know, of course I’ve run out of lemons.  I wasn’t going to make that lemon custard yesterday but Beverly insisted- she begged me!  ‘Please make your lemon custard for our Society Tea!  It won’t be a proper meeting without your custard!’  After hearing that, how could I refuse?  That foolish custard robbed me of my last 10 lemons and I refuse to remain in any home devoid of lemons, especially my own and especially with this storm brewing.  Why I might be trapped inside my house for days and what if I need to bake some lemon cookies to get me by?”

The line does not move forward.  Outside the wind begins to whisper, then rustle, then clamor.

The lights flicker and everyone in the he grocery store “oooos” in nervous anticipation.  Moments later the lights go out altogether.  Suzanne emits a tiny scream and freezes.  Her breath quickens, she begins to panic.

A voice squeaks over the loudspeaker but the words are grainy and muffled.  “…storm is here…dangerous…doors locked…make yourself comfortable…”


prompt #2:  a man in a suit who took a walk on his lunch break… and kept on walking…

downtown black and white guy  “How does a man with no intelligence, no moral character and no conscience wind up in charge of this organization?  Steinhart?!  They chose Steinhart over me?!  I’ve given the best years of my life to this place and for what?  Nothing.  Not a god damned thing.  That POS Steinhart!”

“You okay Tom?  You look a little red..flustered.  You okay?”

“Flustered?!  What am I?  An excitable hen?!  Do I look like I have my feathers in a bunch?!”

“Um…no…I didn’t think that flustered was a chicken reference Tom…”

“You POS.  I am not a god damned chicken and I’m not going to let that POS Steinhart chop off my head and let me run around like a damned fool!”

“Tom you gotta take it easy.  Take a few breaths and try to calm down.”

“I can’t stay cooped up here another minute!  I gotta get some air.  Tell Martha I’m taking an early lunch.  I’m going for a walk.”

“Good idea Tom.  See ya in a bit.”

Tom grabs his coat from the rack in the corner and marches out of the office and onto the street corner.

The wind is as equally agitated as Tom, spreading debris around the sidewalk as it blows.  Tom trips over an empty styrofoam coffee cup and nearly falls to the ground.  He looks up at the sky, addressing the wind.

“Steinhart!!!” He screams.

The wind gains strength and begins to push Tom forward guiding him down the sidewalk past his favorite coffee shop, past his regular metro stop and eventually past his apartment.  The wind contines to push Tom forward for miles, never slowing, never stopping.  He walks in a daze.  He walks in a trance.  He walks with the wind at his back.  He walks.


view the details of the let’s be characters! assignment here.


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