a writer’s sort of adventure assignment

The Writer's Adventurehey adventure seekers…

this week, adventureclubinteractive assigns you to do your reading! the march book of the month is The Writer’s Adventure by Sexton Burke.

it’s past the mid of march already and if you haven’t picked up a copy (perhaps you are reluctant to do so, to the tune of, i’ll just wait for april) pick up a copy now!


The Writer’s Adventure is not a typical work of fiction. in fact, the majority of each page is mostly blank. so then how is this week’s assignment about reading? because with this unique book, reading is writing! each page provides a unique prompt- a character, a plot, a theme, or some other inspiration entirely- meant for you, the reader to write imaginatively about.

so with this week and what’s left of this month, dive in! as always, adventureclubinteractive encourages you to share your work, your adventures and your assignments- but for this week, the focus is on free writing and free reading. share your masterpieces inspired by the march book or don’t share at all. this week, above all: read, write and enjoy- a writer’s sort of adventure.


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