let’s be characters! assignment.

NJ Squirrelour world and the way in which we experience it is quite subjective.  one person sees the color black while another insists that it is navy blue.  someone loves eating green olives and another person nearly vomits at the thought of ingesting them.  depending on where you live 60 degrees can feel just right, ridiculously hot or unseasonably cool.

what factors influence this subjectivity?  age?  gender, location, nationality, education, economic status, spiritual/religious beliefs and occupation? yes, yes, and yes again plus thousands of others.  all of these details combine to give us our personality, our disposition, our character.

this week, let’s be characters!  let’s see what it feels like to write in the voice of someone else, to see something with another’s eyes and point of view.  let’s be serious and let’s be silly and let’s see what happens!

each day adventureclubinteractive will prompt you, the adventure seeker, with a loose character description and a topic.  it is your job to assume the role of this character for a writing experiment!  what does this character have to say and how does this character express himself?  let the prompt be a general starting point but feel free to explore and go along for the ride.  sometimes the imaginary people that you meet in your mind have the most things to say…


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