choices- page 5.

chapter 1. page 5.

1. Right before snatching the radio from the grips of the wrinkled-ear man, Mrs. Scuttlemutt trips on a garden hose and falls head first into the leg of the gnarled-fingered woman’s plastic lawn chair, chipping her tooth.
choices page 5

It may have slowed her down but it didn’t stop her. And what really helped her succeed in the steal was the curiously perfect timing of Jimmy’s reappearance. There was a moment in the audience of not being able to take it all in. There was too much to process.  Too much happened. Too much, too fast, all of it happened instantaneously, simultaneously. Nobody’s mouth could drop as wide as the wrinkled-ear man’s smile was wide, of course. But that’s not to say that mouths didn’t drop and heads didn’t turn  And when they turned she made her move.

Mrs. Scuttlement had blown her cover at the exact moment that everyone turned to see Jimmy return with a gigantic bandage over the left side of his head. The wrinkled-ear man was no less distracted- his grip on the radio relaxed for a fraction of a second- all the time in the world for a chipped-tooth thief to scratch an itch to steal.

“Hey boy, you gonna pay up?” The question, from an unidentifiable neighbor having recovered from shape of his mouth to utter words and break the spell.

“Stop! Stop her…” cried the gnarled-finger wife…

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which way right

which way

1. The chipped-tooth thief was fast but so was Jimmy. He took off after her, in  furiously fast-paced, pedaled pursuit…


2. Jimmy removed the bandage for all to see…

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