choices- page 4.

chapter 1. page 4.

1. Spoken loud enough for the neighbors to hear, but softly out of the husband and wife’s hearing range,
“I’m going to steal that radio when they aren’t looking.”


At first, I wasn’t certain who uttered these words, or who would dare to steal anything from this gnarled and crooked old couple.  What kid of neighborhood was I living in anyway?  Aside for Jimmy’s random animalistic attacks on the neighbors, our little community was safe and crime free.  Dogs slept in the middle of the road.  People left their front doors unlocked.  We were stuck in 1955 and we liked it that way.  How could anyone steal anything from these people?  How could anyone rationalize stealing anything from anyone? Perhaps I was being naive.  I’ve been accused of altruism and a Pollyanna disposition more than one time in my life.

My jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I saw Mrs. Scuttlemutt step forward, hiding behind a picture frame showcasing dried butterflies.  The frame was no bigger than 11×14 inches but this frame acted as an invisibility cloak-at least to Mrs. Scuttlemutt.  Of course, we could see absolutely everything that she was doing, every step-every calculated step, but she moved as if invisible and invincible.  One bold step at a time she crept closer and closer to the wrinkled ear man and the gnarled-finger woman.  I know they could see her sneaking towards them but they continued looking past her into the distance.    She crept closer and closer towards them, and we waited.  We all just stood there like idiots, doing nothing, watching a show, the audience in some sad pathetic meaningless play trying to be an intelligent comment on society.  We stood there.  She crept towards the radio.  We waited.

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which way

1. Right before snatching the radio from the grips of the wrinkled-ear man, Mrs. Scuttlemutt trips on a garden hose and falls head first into the leg of the gnarled-fingered woman’s plastic lawn chair, chipping her tooth.


2. Just before Mrs. Scuttlemutt snatches the radio, thunder crashes through the sky and it begins to pour.

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