choices- page 2.

chapter 1. page 2.

1. Jimmy, the kid never before seen with his parents, addressed the wrinkled-ear husband…


No one, especially the wrinkled-ear husband, had ever heard Jimmy speak before.  They had heard him shout many time at the top of his lungs.  They had heard his piercing scream as he ran down the middle of the road.  They had heard his laughter and his cries but never a word, until today.  The general consensus amongst the neighborhood was that Jimmy was an animal in the purest sense of the word.  He growled, he drooled, he rarely bathed, and occasionally he would run up behind the the wrinkled-ear husband and bite his ankles!  However, today, Jimmy decided to speak.

“how much is this?”


“i said, how much is this?”

“i can’t hear you.” the wrinkled-ear husband replied shaking his head and turning to his wife.

“this radio!”  Jimmy shouted in his usual fashion.  “how much is this radio?!?”

By now the neighbors had formed a semi-circle around Jimmy and the wrinkled-ear husband.  The air turned tense.  Everyone held their breath, not quite sure what was going on or what was going to happen next…


make a choice and continue the story…

which way right

which way

1. Frustrated with the wrinkled-ear husband, Jimmy resorts to his familiar animal tendencies.  He crouches down and bites the wrinkled-ear man’s ankles…


2. The wrinkled-ear man eventually understands Jimmy’s question.  He smiles and  proceeds to gift Jimmy the radio in exchange for…


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