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choices assignment

rearrange the letters in the word adventures and you get evade turnsinspired by the anagram, this week’s assignment is about making choices- evading one turn in favor of another. it’s also about creating new choices-because adventures are often left a little open-ended. choose to participate in this assignment anytime throughout the week- test your courage and creativity!

we’ll start the adventure with a fictional story that will go unfinished and will face a”fork in the road” or the point from which you will make a choice of where to turn (the direction of the story). you’ll pick up with the story, adding on, and ending it at another “crossroads” by presenting another set of options, from which someone else will choose and continue the story along and so on.

stay tuned to the story this week, jump in to make some choices and then create new ones. you are required to submit one photograph that represents the choice you made and at least one paragraph of writing that continues the story along. the writing must end at a crux and at least two choices must be given for the next reader to take and continue the adventure.

please email your choices contributions to and we will post them under your name, as an author in this collective story!


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