adventures in the elements!



baby showers.  this week i had the good fortune to attend two baby showers, both for the same amazing friend.  what is more grounding and earthy than being in the presence of someone growing a human being?




this evening i watched “the little mermaid” for the first time in years. it is just as magical as i remembered and i’m proud to say i remembered every word to every song.  i feel that i have a strong connection to mermaids, perhaps i was a mermaid in a past life… at any rate, watching disney’s “the little mermaid” fulfilled my water experience for the week.

“…we got no troubles
life is the bubbles
under the sea
under the sea
since life is sweet here
we got the beat here




this fire is a lie, although it does keep me warm every morning as i dress.


presently, i am taking deep full breaths in, and out.

space (ether)

spacewhere is there space to go deeper?  and where is there space to relax?


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