adventures in the elements!



adventures in the five elements!

ayurvedic philosophy begins with five elements:  space/ether, air, fire, water and earth.  every living thing is comprised of some combination of these five elements and this week, your adventures will be a combination of these five elements as well!

each day focus your attention and exploration on one element and have an adventure in SPACE, an adventure in AIR, an adventure in FIRE, an adventure in WATER and an adventure in EARTH.

use your imagination!  for example, an adventure in FIRE doesn’t necessarily mean building a bon fire in your back yard.  it could be as simple as sitting down and watching the flame of a candle dance around in the darkness.  have a committed adventure by brining your attention and intention to your chosen element.  or, maybe your adventure in fire is challenging your physically body in a different way…creating heat within yourself.  your adventure in WATER could of course be jumping into an ice cold lake, but it could also be tasting something new that you have never tasted before!

document your element adventures!  describe your experiences in detail.  photograph, sketch, write, dance as your explore each element in whichever order you like!  share your adventures with us at


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