spread the love. have a ball. assignment.


who doesn’t love the bin of  large colorful orbs in the supermarket?  now you have an excuse to go get one!

what you will need:

  • an approximately 10″ diameter ball
  • a permanent marker
  • a camera
  • random willing participants
  • stamps

the assignment:

step 1.  acquire a ball and permanent marker.  take a trip to your local supermarket/everything store and select the ball of your choice!  err on the smaller side because you will be sending this ball in the mail…continue reading all steps.

step 2.  each day find a random willing participant to assist you in the completion of this assignment.  ask your participant to write a positive comment on the ball.  this statement should be a compliment written to themselves that they believe and would like to receive such as “you have beautiful eyes”, “you are kind hearted”, “you are enthusiastic”, “you embody courage”.  the compliments can be as specific or as vague as your participant decides.


step 3.  photograph your random willing participant with the ball and their compliment to themselves visible.

step 4.  repeat steps 2 & 3 each day. to create a gallery of photos and a very complete ball of positive loving energy.

step 5.  proudly display your photo gallery!  we welcome your gallery at adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com!

step 6.  select an important person in your life, and physically mail them this compliment ball.  yes, you can mail a ball!  just take it to your local post office to figure out exactly how many stamps you need, and if you’re short on time and are looking for a last minute valentine’s gift check out this site and have them do the hard work for you.



 it’s valentine’s day/week.  spread the love and have a ball! literally!


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