first line, last line- story I

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I lost my sock in the foam pit.”

Sophie didn’t look up from her magazine as John walked passed her with his head slightly lowered.  At first glance, he looked perfectly in tact- red flannel button down shirt accurately buttoned, dark blue jeans with a brown leather belt properly buckled, and two matching brown leather shoes that looked like they came from a bowling alley, laces tied and everything.  But, his left foot wore an evergreen sock and his right foot remained bare.

John removed both shoes, left them inside the front door and walked to the fridge to get a beer.

Where is your sock?”  Sophie asked, distracted.

I told you already.  I lost it in the foam pit.”

Oh, right.”  She said, flipping pages just to have something to do.  John made himself comfortable on their grey, stained, corduroy couch and turned on the football game.  He offered no warm greeting.  He offered no further conversation.  He sat, he drank, he remained silent.

Sophie continued to turn the pages of her magazine.  When she reached the last page she went back to the beginning and began to turn the pages again.  She shouldn’t have been surprised but she was.  She should have seen it coming.  People don’t change.  Not really…maybe for a moment or two but not for good.  She asked him again, hoping for a different answer-at the same time wanting to hear the truth but dreading it.

Where is your sock?

I lost my sock in the foam pit.”

Expectancy shattered.


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