the younger adventure seekers

summer scavenger hunt-13scavenger hunt: doll in a yellow dress. by- summer

explaining that adventure is for everyone.

it is often difficult for me to explain adventureclub. i am poor with speeches, yes. i have a hard time summarizing things, yes. there is a lot to explain about adventureclub, true. on the other hand, as i struggle to explain, it just seems like people my age get lost on the idea that adventureclub is pretty much about making things up. they can’t think past that and they fail to see that making things up is no different than their own art or sport, their music or poetry, their  hobbies, past times or passions. we make up assignments that demand making more things up.
people ask, for what? and i explain that art is attention. only through attention can there exist any adventure in life. on a weekly basis, i am (self) assigned to pay attention to certain things and to create things from it. that attention has led me on adventures big and small, has stimulated my curiosity of the world and has resulted in an eclectic collection of art: silly projects not worth sharing, unfinished writings, random blog posts, pictures that should be deleted… but also…brilliant photographs, short stories worth saving and blog posts that have reached an audience. when it comes around to the fact that i make absolutely no money from adventure club, people ask, so then why? and i explain that adventure is innocence. only with innocence can their exist any art in life.

the most innocent among us know, by instinct, for what and so then why. they never have to explain themselves. and when i introduced my niece to adventureclub- sending her on her first photo scavenger hunt assignment- i didn’t have to explain anything to her either. kids get it.

the photographs above and below were taken by my eight year old niece. she photographed five items to complete her first photo scavenger hunt and i have shared three of them, unedited. i was delighted at her thoughtfulness with some of the less tangible items on her list of things to find (for one item- backyard mystery– she took a picture of a “fairy garden” planted in a pot in her backyard)  i was impressed by her determination to complete the scavenger hunt. mostly, i was inspired by the fact that she was inspired. the assignment took her on an adventure around her house. she paid attention to dolls and scooters and colors in different ways. she created art.

summer scavenger hunt-10

scavenger hunt: razor scooter. by- summer

summer scavenger hunt-4

scavenger hunt: something purple. by- summer


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