shenanagrams! assignment

an anagram is a word, phrase or name formed by rearranging letters from another word.

this week’s adventureclub assignment involves wordplay, writing and photography.

each day adventureclubinteractive will prompt you, the adventure seeker, with one word.  this word has at least one potential anagram and possibly more than one.

how to play shenanagrams:

1.  discover an anagram for the prompted word.
2. take one photo that represents the initial word, and a second photo that represents the anagram.
3.  write a creative tale/short paragraph that employs the use of BOTH words.
4.  display both of your photos with your written composition and share!
5.  voila!  shenanagrams!



if the prompted word is “tea”, you would take a photograph involving tea of some kind.  “eat” is one possible anagram of tea.  you would then take another photo involving “eat” and write a short paragraph using the word tea and eat somewhere in your writing.

pour 2




“tell me about yourself.”  she said.
“well what do you want to know?” he replied.
“i don’t know.  the basics i guess.”  she said as she gently blew on her steaming cup of tea in a vain effort to reduce it’s temperature to a consumable degree.
“that never works your know.”  he warned.
“what do you mean?” she asked.
“blowing on your tea like that.” he said.
“what do you know?”  she scoffed.
“well go ahead and try then.”
she gave a slight glare in his direction and decided to blow on her tea once more.
“ha.” he chuckled.  “still too hot.”
eager to prove him wrong she took a sip and promptly spit a mouthful of hot tea into the face of her companion.
“my eyes!” he shouted.
“my tongue! my tongue!” she cried.  “i won’t be able to eat for weeks!”


share your work with us!  send your completed assignments to and we will post a selection of our favorite submissions!


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