back from the future, page 410.

Encyclopedia Adventurrica 2064.
Page 410- Based on the best-selling novel, The Devil’s Diagnosis by Sonny Kidlat- the Seven Deadly Dolls hit the shelves in toy stores across America, March 2018. The adult novel, first published in 2017, sparked initial controversy among religious conservatives, scholars, and literature junkies alike. Kidlat suggests that the material world in which humanity dwells must be reconciled with the dogma of organized religion, and that the seven deadly sins are fundamental, God-given urges and attributes of human nature that are neither wrong nor right.  The Seven Deadly Dolls– sold as a complete set or individually- were intended for an audience of young girls.  In December 2018, the Mattel company- already the largest global toy maker- was forced to outsource production ever further to keep up with demand, introduced a second edition of the dolls, and further arrested the audience of teenagers, adults, and collectors. The Seven Deadly Dolls made history as the hottest holiday gift for a consecutive 12 years thereafter, introducing 12 editions each December.
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