interpreting sentence exchange.

an oldie but a goodie.  here, at adventureclubinteractive, we love the whole idea of collaboration.  working together with a partner in adventure not only adds extra motivation and incentive to complete your work, but also creates something that neither one of you expected.  there is an extra surprise and investment in the exchange of work and ideas.

rules and objectives:

this assignment is truly an exchange of ideas.

you may use the sentences listed below, or compile a new list with a fellow adventure seeker (each of you write 5 sentences to add to the list to create a total of 10 sentences).

the sentences are just the beginning.  interpret the sentences however you like and use them as a guide for photographic inspiration.  capture an image, a person, a moment that in turn captures each sentence.

display each sentence with the corresponding photo.  share and compare with your fellow adventure seeker.



sentences to photograph:

1.  this is why he didn’t come to the party.

2.  nobody cares for a coward but heroism is hard.

3.  you’ll see and feel the difference.

4.  it’s slippery- it’s why the clock gets confused.

5.  that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

6.  stop trying to get anywhere, there is no need to arrive- be here with presence and stay here for a really long time.

7.  boy, if i had a large sapphire i could get out the delicatessen business.

8.  there was, for instance, the affair.

9.  i only do this everyday.

10.  as if I were a capsule… as if I were meant to be swallowed…


feel free to look back on some of our previous completed sentence exchange assignments, and share your completed work with us at


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