new moon, new system!

happy new moon!

take a moment to reflect back on the first day of a new school year, semester, or class. was it exciting and fresh? was it intimidating and unnerving? was there something you walked away with on that first day, something that elevated your excitement and calmed your nerves? perhaps you walked away with a list of expectations, a map of directions, an outline, a weekly structured… syllabus!
and you felt better about the class … because you knew where you were going with it…

this month, adventureclubinteractive is experimenting with a new format: the syllabus. this way you can see what is coming next, follow along, plan ahead and participate to the fullest, each syllabus month.


for the month of november, the syllabus theme is yoga.  yoga?  yes.  yoga.
yoga is not just for contortionists, acrobats, or bendy bodies.
yoga is available to those that can’t touch their toes.
yoga is accessible to the injured, clumsy, elderly or overweight.
yoga is great for the unenlightened, the skeptical…
yoga is breathing.  yoga is balance. yoga is stretching the body and stretching the mind.
yoga is finding your true nature and following your own path whatever that may be.
yoga is the most personal, powerful adventure we can think of.
so join us this month and explore the adventure yourself…


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