stay tuned. more adventures coming soon.

bday wish


we have officially existed as adventureclub”interactive”.com for one year
and we are celebrating.
you may have noticed that there was no assignment posted this week
because we are celebrating.

blow us a kiss, make us a wish
november marks the first full year of adventureclub”interactive”.com

wait. stay tuned. still to come. watch for more
opportunities, ideas, inspiration, adventures galore.

by the way…

for an entire year, for our entire online existence– you may have been wondering…

why adventureclub + “interactive” ?
adventureclub____?____ .com

adventureclub came first ( “adventureclubviral” aka Courtney  + “theStephALA” aka Stephanie )
“interactive” was added onto adventureclub because Courtney was moving out of state.
and how do you maintain a club without meetings? how do you share adventures without hanging out?
the internet, of course, has made it possible to be an adventureclub and still interact, long distance.




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