toes assignment.

head shoulders knees toes.

the past three assignments were photographic adventures of specific parts of the body.
this assignment, as you have likely anticipated, is an adventure down the body- at the toes. but-

the toes assignment:
is NOT about looking down at your toes.
it IS about toes like roots, from which you can stand up from

-is NOT about what you stand atop
it IS about how you choose to do so.

find adventure in photographing toes this week. admire what different toes look like, what people can do with their toes, what toes can do for their people. we have traveled down from the head, through the shoulders, beyond the knees and now down below… but try not to think of the toes as at the bottom of the body, or as something we (superficially) look down on… instead,  think of the toes as our foundation, our foothold, the balance, the support, for direction…

please submit 5-10 toes photographs by the end of the assignment week, sunday october 20th.
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