knees assignment.

knees. (have you thanked your knees today?)

Knee Ligaments

knees are “the bees knees”! pardon the expression.  without them, you- we would be greatly inconvenienced.  they allow us to run, walk, jump, skip, crawl, lunge and more!  they are a hinge joint-not unlike the hinge of a door…


knee assignment.

this week, we invite you to appreciate knees and the way that they move!  honor the hinge.  go take pictures of your knees or the knees of others. find old knees, young knees, bees knees.  find things that move in the same manner.  capture beautiful images of hinges whether they be shiny new hinges or old rusted hinges.  create a gallery of at least 10 photos depicting a variety of knee-like elements and share your findings with us at

have you thanked your knees today?


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