head assignment.

man who lost his head

 this classic children’s book tells the story of a gentleman in a terrible state…this man has lost his head!  over the course of the story he tries to come up with many different head substitutions, manufacturing a head out of various vegetables and eventually out of wood, but nothing can replace his own beautiful head which (spoiler alert) thankfully he finds at the very end of the story.

read it to a young person in your life!

head assignment.

this week’s assignment encourages YOU, the adventure seeker, to dabble in the realms of more “professional” photography.  choose a subject, whether you choose a close friend or a casual acquaintance, and set up a specific appointment to photograph him or her with the purpose of creating a gallery of head shots.  head shots aren’t just for auditioning actors anymore!  these days, head shots are relevant for almost everyone- from a flyer advertising a guest speaker, to business cards, to the back cover of your upcoming novel, to personal blogs/websites and even just to facebook!

a head shot is more than just a close of up picture of someones face.  it is a representation of who this person is not only in a physical (this is what my face looks like) sense, but it is a representation of this persons personality.  it should reflect this person’s character and it should evoke a personal connection.  choose a minimalist location or a sparse back drop so you can really focus on capturing the essence of your subject.  shoot from multiple angles.  explore different facial expressions and emotions.  try to create a cohesive series of about 8-10 photographs of your one chosen subject and share your work with us at adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com.


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