lost and found self- string quartet, first movement. by- theStephALA

the first time i really listened to Samuel Barber’s string quartet i was in my final year of college taking my most dreaded music class:  form and analysis.  this particular piece was homework:  to listen, to analyze, to scrutinize and to pick apart every single note and make sense of it all.  i’ve listened to this string quartet at least one hundred times if not more.  i slept with this score under my pillow for two weeks straight hoping to absorb its beauty (no joke) – and to this day, i still get goosebumps when i listen, every single time.  you probably know the adagio.  most people do, even if they don’t really know it.  you’ve heard it in war movies mostly-some commercials.  it is slow and and it is sad blah blah.  but the first movement!  oh you must listen to the first movement!  i always lose myself from 1:18 to 2:11.  to me, this section is an exact recording of the twinkling of the stars and nothing in the world could be more beautiful.

submission inspired by the adventureclubinteractive lost and found assignment: self

(it comes back again at 6:35…and might be even better the second time around…)


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