september book club- borrowed books

borrowed books are not your own.  there is a timeline.  there is a deadline.  there is a sense of urgency to extract all of the meaning that you can from this borrowed book in the short period of time that you have to read it.  this month’s book club challenge  is not only about borrowing a book from a respected figure in your life, it is about assimilating information.  once you have finished reading your book, find some way to document your experience so you can remember the details of why this book was important to the lender, and why it is now meaningful to you, the borrower.

“this book is borrowed from my dad and i know exactly why i am borrowing it. he has been sharing with me interpretations of Forrest Fenn’s treasure poem all year and just recently i have fallen ill with the fever. he has not read The Thrill of the Chase yet, and it is exhausting to convince him of its importance in the spirit of the treasure hunt. i suppose it is my duty (and an honor) to read it myself and fill us both in with any missing clues it may provide in our quest so far.” – adventureclubviral

“at the start of each new semester my voice teacher encourages each one of her students to set specific goals and write them down.  amongst other goals, i decided that i wanted to read a book about singing.  my teacher, of whom i think very highly, has a vast library full of vocal literature and technique books so when she asked if i would like to borrow a book i accepted and asked her to suggest one for me.  without hesitation she pulled The Inner Voice off of the shelf and handed it to me.”  -theStephALA


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