lost between found. by- adventureclubviral

loser / winner

adventure club and fight club action figures

lost and found is like a ring- maybe a fighting ring. within the ring takes place a match. one person will ultimately outlast, the other will tire. one person will triumph while the other’ll falter. lost and found have a symbiotic relationship. they each exist within the same circle- both are expressions of the same battle- yet opposite expressions of its outcome. when the red guy loses, the blue guy wins. what the red guy lost is what the blue guy won. losers and winners are completely dependent on one another. lost between found is the arena of identity.

search / rescue

search and resucue

between lost and found sounds like alarm- on the frequency of panic. it looks like an emergency- about to be a disaster. so quickly as something’s lost- so fast as it must be found. quick-thinking, fast acting, instinct, courage, bravery and luck- if you’re lucky- are best between lost (during the search) and before found (upon rescue).

forgotten / realized

unfortunately- in a beautiful but busy setting- we get caught up in the overall atmosphere and forget to notice the small details. most guests at this restaurant notice the sunflower centerpiece as a nice touch. most fail to notice the book beneath the flower… the forgotten detail… sometimes the most interesting touch. the detail was not lost on me. opening the book beneath the flower i was delighted to discover a handwritten message from a Grandma Brown to a Jeanette. between the lost  or the overlooked may be a message (that) what is found is once again realized.

direction / orientation

north end bar

lost… lost track of time. lost your bearings. lost your sense of purpose. lost your way…lost your direction
between…consult the clock / ask for instructions / choose a destination / define meaning….between
found…found your pace / found an equilibrium / found the reason / found balance…found your orientation


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