lost between found. -by theStephALA



halfway between attachment and detachment, my bags of old (and some new) clothes and shoes sit on the stairs.  they take up too much space, and i haven’t used them in ages.  i will get rid of them.  someone else can use them more than i can.  but then again, i really might need that white pair of boots some day, if i ever have to go to a 60’s mod party they would be absolutely perfect.  i will just leave these bags on the stairs and wait a few more days to be sure.



oh no!  i just realized that i had forgotten your birthday!!!  is it too late to send a card?  some say that it is never too late, and that it is the thought that really counts but now more than a month has passed and i’m not sure if sending a belated birthday card is an act of thoughtfulness after the fact, or just an admonition of guilt.



the elderly gentleman in this reflection is a veteran.  i know because this information he proudly displays on his cap.  he carries a newspaper and walks with a cane, whether from a past war or old age i’m not sure.  i wonder when and where he fought and i wonder for how long.  i’m sure that wherever he was stationed, there is someone still there, standing in his place.  generally “we” don’t seem to leave very easily. at any rate, this man has been replaced in his duties, and the man or woman who replaced him has probably been replaced as well and on and on… we replace the the people and recycle our reasons for sending them wherever it is that they will go next.  listen to the “news”.  haven’t you heard this story before?



theoretically, we know what would happen next-but don’t you still wonder what it would feel like?


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