famished for fiction book club- september

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september book club read

the adventureclubinteractive august book of the month is a borrowed one. it is not a chosen one. here’s how to read in september:

  • consider all the inspiring people in your life- the book worms, the artists, interesting friends, curious acquaintances, your nosy neighbors or your nearby family members. consider their professions or their hobbies, their love lives, their histories and mysteries. consider their bookshelves.
  • ask one of these people to lend you a book. let them choose it for you. you may suggest a genre (a music book from your music teacher for example) but don’t suggest a specific book. let them choose something for you to read this month.
  • read and return the book at the end of the month. make time to discuss the book with the person.
  • answer yourself the following- did you both enjoy/dislike the book the same? did you read the book with any biases, based on the person who lent it to you? why do you think they would think you’d appreciate the book in the first place? what is the beauty or the pleasure, the lost or found meanings of sharing and borrowing literature?


please share your borrowed book reads this month with adventureclubinteractive via email: adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com
we would love to post your adventures on our blog for public view. and as always- adventureclubinteractive encourages you to explore beyond the famished for fiction book club shelf and browse other recommendations that are constantly being updated on the adventureclubinteractive goodreads page.


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