lost between found assignment

lost between found

lost … (between) … found


the recent lost and found assignment was about finding important things that went missing.
look back on lost and found completed assignments and focus on that space between lost and found.

the lost monk was an invaluable member of the monastery from which he fled…
the found monk turned out to be a valuable team player for a local kickball team!

that runaway monk! think of all the people that missed him at the monastery. (they had valued his cooking for years!) think about the kickball players who realized a new teammate (he proved himself an invaluable asset to that game!) consider the after he was lost and the before he was found. what shape does value take in the space between lost and found?

lost … (invaluable/value) … found


the recent lost meaning assignment was about perspective. do things change absolutely? can something lost ever be found the same?
look back on completed assignments and examine what is happening in the time between lost and found.

telephones… lost meaning with the advent of technology…
historic… lost meaning as an overused classification and overstatement of the obvious.

we outgrew the telephone in favor of the cell phone. we lose things intentionally in order to find other things. think about this evolution as a function of time between lost and found. and though we try not to abandon our appreciation for things historic (despite their irrelevancies) think about the meanings we try to preserve, over time, between lost and found.

lost … (abandoned/evolved) … found


the adventureclubinteractive assignment this week is to investigate between lost and found.

  • the purpose is to examine the transition between things lost and found, to exercise philosophical thought and to entertain creative ways to express your adventures of discovering the between.
  • choose as many between themes from the list below. (notice they are not necessarily pairs of the same match! some are duos… some are dueling!)
  • submit your your reckonings and your reasonings about lost between found. submit with photographs or paragraphs or something creative in between! (adventureclubinteractive suggests that at least part of your submission involves a brief written explanation.)

lost … detachment/attachment … found

lost … forgotten/realized … found

lost … forever/never … found

lost … loser/winner … found

lost … replaced/recycled … found

lost … search/rescue … found

lost … direction/orientation … found

lost … because/therefore … found

lost … brain/heart … found

lost … careless/curious … found


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