telephones. lost meaning- by adventureclubviral

pop phone photography


when i was twelve years old i could see through my telephone. when somebody was trying to reach me (or anybody else in the household) on the landline- my telephone lit up. it did not have caller-ID. it did not have a voice messaging system. imagine… it didn’t even have speakerphone. you had to hold it. you had to pick it up, cradle it and answer it to know who was calling.
so many years later it is nice to see that the see-through phone has evolved. it is proof that the telephone of the past is gone (the see-through phone has been reduced to merely an earpiece and a cord!) it also stands to prove that while the telephone has tarnished and the cell-phone has triumphed… a certain gadgetry, accessory, style, or perhaps just a ‘curiosity to see the insides of things’ has not lost its meaning.


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