lost meaning assignment


we live in a fast time. some might argue that time literally seems to be moving forward at an accelerated pace. whether we like it or not, the hands on the clock face keep ticking away…wait…a clock that ticks? do we still have those?


things change. is it an inevitable and sad universal law of nature. what we once thought to be quintessential elements to our lives (be they people, places or things) don’t always remain so necessary and relevant. some things we physically lose…some people we lose track of…some places may go out of business and disappear…and some things just lose their meaning.

what happens? what changes? what shift occurs that takes something from necessary to obsolete? why does this happen and why does this happen so fast?

this week, adventureclubinteractive challenges you to document things that have lost their meaning. whether it is a dejected rotary phone at a thrift store than no one cares to resurrect, or a note from a past lover that had finally lost its power over you, go out in search of the obsolete, the dejected, the irrelevant and the no longer useful. document your findings using both images and text.

bonus assignment question: once meaning is lost, can you find it again? show us.


please submit your work to adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com


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