found crab.

lost and found-found crab-1

the lost crab was found. the party had been roaring all day . the crab was sick of it. shell retreat was not enough. as the roar softened to a murmur, guests were slipping in and out of the room with haste, retrieving things for departure. impulsively, the crab scuttled off the bureau and latched himself to the closest clutch. he was carried to a taxi, driven across town, and deposited atop an unfamiliar dresser. the next morning, still asleep in his shell, the crab was found- discovered by a careless housewife. “i didn’t think the little lobster was part of the purse! i had to think real hard before i decided no, no… no he didn’t belong! so i flicked the little guy onto the floor and stamped down good and hard!”


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