lost and found assignment


lost and found-lost bike

my only form of transportation! please contact me if you have seen it!”
– adventure seeker on foot 

is it only when you lose something– that you consider its value? must something be missing for you to realize its importance?
whether it was expensive (jewelry?) or priceless (a diploma, an award?) whether it was memorable (a handwritten love letter?) useful (a bike?) or one-of-a-kind (a work of art?)… you search the ends of your earth for it. maybe you replace it. maybe you forget about it. but if you can’t replace it or you won’t forget about it- it is lost. and then you mourn, you despair, you feel helpless, hopeless and as lost as the thing itself. and you can’t help but wonder…where is it now?

and when you find something– do you ever consider that it was lost? do you realize what your discovery may mean to somebody out there…hoping to make a recovery? take a look at every single useless, random, unique, coveted, collected, one-of-a-kind thing that you have ever acquired by chance. and perhaps you pause to wonder… does somebody out there wonder about it?

remember the pricey pocket watch you inherited as a child but you lost last year?
maybe it was found around the neck of a listless, careless, grungy gothic looking teenager…
remember the sunglasses you lost last week… the ones you are confident will turn up soon?
maybe they were found… and are now checked in a bag beneath an airplane… destined internationally…
remember what cousin harry looks like? or did you lose your only photograph of him?
maybe that memory is floating on an island… that is actually a landfill…never to be found between pounds of plastic that refuse to get lost…

the lost and found assignment:

  • this assignment is a photographic exchange, a game of tag, a collaboration, and of course… an adventure
  • adventureclubinteractive will “find” things that you “lose”
  • submit a photo of an item (fictional or actual) that is LOST. include a caption (contrived or truly desperate)
  • adventureclubinteractive will post your LOST photo and respond by taking an interpretive FOUND photo
  • challenge adventureclubinteractive– with as many submissions as you imagine things to lose!
  • challenge yourself– enjoy the side by side LOST and FOUND photos as they are posted this week.  notice the transformation in terms of perspective. can something you LOST ever mean the same to someone that finds it?

lost and found-found bike

“bike turned in to the police department by considerate young man. found on july 32nd at 25 o’clock between Advent St. and True Blvd.”


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