spar(s)e assignment.


    thinly dispersed or scattered.
    austere; meager.
    thin – rare – scarce – infrequent

for the last three weeks we have been examining “spare” and the variations of, whether that be spare time, spare parts or spare change. how do you spend your spare time? what spare parts are hanging around your house? what can you do with spare change? spare is extra. spare is more than what you need. spare is nice to have.

what happens when you run out of spare? what happens when you have no more to offer? then you find yourself in sparse territory. by simply adding a letter, we eliminate the excess. spar(s)e is spare taken to the next level. spar(s)e is bleak and desolate. spar(s)e is a spare abyss.

this week, adventureclubinteractive asks you to examine spar(s)e. each day capture an image or a feeling of spar(s)e. take photos but edit sparingly. allow the “spar(s)e” to show. convey the feelings of spar(s)e with words, but again use them sparingly. perhaps try writing a haiku. maybe your interpretation of spar(s)e is a single sentence, or even a single word. maybe your spar(s)e is nothing at all…


share with us. email your completed assignments to


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