spare change scavenger hunt assignment.


” i have a bowlful of coins sitting on my bedside table. I do not have a bowlful of dollar bills sitting on my bedside table. obviously. ”
Jacob Goldstein- npr / planet money.

when will the dollar coin replace the dollar bill?

the issue remains at large- years after senators introduced legislation that would stimulate the circulation of dollar coins.
the government is exhausting all options to save money- by making more money, of course…
americans are complaining that change is too heavy to carry around- oh the burden!
environmentalists say that green bills are not so green- the waste generated by trashing old bills is shockingly wasteful…
canadians, australians and europeans all successfully replaced small denomination notes with coins- everyone else is doing it!

who knows? do you care?

this week adventureclubinteractive is celebrating spare change while it still is what it is.
celebrate with us- the dollar coin, the paper bill and the penny!
appreciate, realize, discover and remember all the ways to spend, save, carry and spare- a little change- for a lot of adventure!
hit the town with your camera and the following list. this week’s assignment is a photographic scavenger hunt…

spare change scavenger hunt list: 

  • vending machine
  • sno cone / taffy / bubble gum
  • arcade game
  •  garage sale / yard sale
  • wishing fountain
  •  tip / gratuity
  •  street performer
  •  public fare transportation
  •  parking meter
  •  “spare change” ( adventure seeker’s choice )


please submit your completed spare change masterpieces via email:
we look forward to sharing your work on our blog for public view!


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