spare parts assignment.

spare implies extra, additional, surplus.  part implies a whole.

dandelion spare parts

take a look around, around your house, your car, your closet, your soul.  what do you have additional to what is required for ordinary use and daily life.  are you holding on to these spare parts “just in case”?  and if so, just in case of what?  is it so easy to fall apart that we need these spare parts just in case we need to put ourselves back together again?

then again, spare parts can come in extremely handy and can be great fun to work with.

this week, examine the spare parts lounging around your life.  take photos and write about what you’ve been holding onto just in case, and decide what you can let go.


gather a random assortment of spare parts that might no longer belong to part of any whole, and create something entirely new.  a new whole comprised of spare parts.

share your findings with us!  email your submissions to

“so break me to small parts
let go in small doses
but spare some for spare parts
there might be some good ones”  

-Regina Spektor “Ode to Divorce”


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