spare time #1. -by theStephALA

an exercise in spare time? perhaps.  in honor of the spare time assignment?  absolutely. whether quantitative or qualitative, yesterday i chose to spend my “spare time” doing something uncharacteristic.  i chose to see a science fiction movie.

my husband and i rarely go out to see films and the few times that we do, usually i pick the movie and he is extremely disappointed.  however, last night we both agreed to go see PACIFIC RIM.

we had nearly an hour of additional “spare time” between finishing our dinner and the starting time of the movie, so we spent it in our usual spare time/wasting time fashion: walking in circles.  literally.  i took a picture of something written on the exterior of bed bath and beyond and then we bought our tickets and went inside.


usually, this is not the kind of movie that i would go see.  sea monster aliens and robots? please.  but!  this film was quite thrilling and entertaining.  there were a few silly moments that made me laugh but overall the story carried me away.  i believed in those sea monster aliens and giant fighting robots.  i really did.



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