prose. by- adventureclubinteractive

Fuji-Instax-Mini-8-Mintresisting the urge to indulge? yes.
restraining the impulse to shop? trying.
something you want is not something you need? don’t know.
guilty of greed? horribly.
haunted with guilt? heavily.

no need for excuses. no space for regrets.
happy birthday adventureclub!
buy something that creates experiences.  ok.

theStephALA and adventureclubviral are exchanging gifts this month in honor of adventureclub’s one year anniversary. they are both purchasing Fujifilm Instax mini cameras for one another.
(this is not the same as buying Fujifilm Instax mini cameras for themselves!)
totally unadventurous!
adventurous is that they will each receive an unexpected color of camera at an unexpected time this month. both admitted to feeling the camera was a bit of an indulgence. it was more something they wanted and not something they needed. both would have felt guilty purchasing it for themselves. so they bought it for each other. they bought cameras that take instant, high quality mini prints- much like the beloved Polaroids of the past. they bought something that will take them on adventures, that will alter their experiences, perspectives and provide them with inspiration.

what are you guilty of shopping for or greedy in wanting?
will it buy you new experiences?



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