prose assignment

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prose doesn’t usually make it in the published world because prose is a literary outlaw. it lacks the metrical structure of poetry, verse or story. it lacks format. it breaks rules. prose is the lawless stuff of diaries, journals, scribbles and doodles. it’s the stuff that isn’t perfect and needs polish. the tendency is to ignore prose and the trick is to realize its potential.

p(r)ose and position assignment:

prose has no expectations. maybe it serves no purpose.
prose knows no beginning, middle or end.
prose holds no position.
prose can be written without attachment. it exists momentarily and everlastingly.
it holds a timeless pose.
the prose assignment is an adventure in writing and a challenge in incorporating recent photographic assignment themes.

1. compose prose specific to the photography of the past two adventureclubinteractive assignment weeks.

view the pose assignment

view the position assignment

and / or:

2. strike new poses. capture new positions. inspire your photography with captions of prose.


please submit your completed assignments via email:
we look forward to sharing your masterpieces on our blog.


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